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Year of Consecrated Life

VOCATION RESOURCES: Myths busted and questions answered

🕔January 2nd, 2015 05:39

Here are some additional VISION articles that help separate the fact and fiction about religious life.

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Prayer and Discernment

Pray all ways—three ways to begin

🕔September 10th, 2014 16:21

Prayer traditions observed in a small “monastery town” can lead to new prayer horizons and practices as well as a newly energized prayer attitude.

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The Art of Discernment

No place like home

🕔September 10th, 2014 20:09

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Religious Life

Thriving among the generations

🕔September 10th, 2014 13:59

Younger members of religious communities talk about living out their call in multigenerational settings.

Man with a mission

🕔September 10th, 2014 18:00

Brother John Skrodinsky has always been passionate about serving those in need. When he found a religious community that cared as much as he does, he found his home.

How a 16th-century nun guides me in religious life

🕔September 10th, 2014 17:10

As a child Sister Julie Vieira chose Saint Teresa of Avila as a confirmation name and pretty much forgot about her. But over the years Teresa remained with this I.H.M. sister, waiting for Sister Julie to come by her convent cell and chat awhile.

What being a priest means to me

🕔September 10th, 2014 15:11

If you are going to do something as radical as following a religious vocation, says Father Laurence Freeman, it would be wise to allow the process of conversion a chance to begin.

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Jesus at the door

🕔September 10th, 2014 18:05

Whenever people in need come to Father Vic Subb at an “inconvenient” time, he remembers the words of one of his brother priests: “That was Jesus on the phone.”

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Other vocations

Holiness is for everybody

🕔September 10th, 2014 15:42

If God is content that an individual is trying his or her best (for the moment) to fulfill God’s hopes, that person qualifies as a saint.

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Being Catholic

Faith and everyday life

🕔January 6th, 2015 14:46

Being a Christian means adopting a certain way of life, and spirituality is living the Christian life in the concrete situation where we find ourselves.

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VISION Spotlight

Give us this day our daily blog

🕔September 10th, 2014 21:14

The blogosphere is not lacking when it comes to Catholic religious life and discernment.

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World Youth Day

The World Youth Day effect: Change for the better

🕔September 29th, 2011 14:46

World Youth Day inspired and challenged those who ventured to Madrid. “Conversations with others from all over the world ignited a fire," says one pilgrim . . .

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Youth Ministers

Jesus makes himself known

🕔September 16th, 2014 23:41

Read the passage about the resurrected Jesus’ appearance on the road to Emmaus, and examine what causes your heart to burn with desire.

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For Religious Educators: Vocation Lesson Plans

🕔November 19th, 2014 21:24

Creative ways to use VISION in the classroom.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

🕔September 17th, 2014 21:28

As parents, it is worth exploring your children’s answers to this question at each stage of their lives.

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Advertising/Sponsor Information

Guide to growing your community in the digital age

🕔February 20th, 2015 20:54

Dear Vocation Ministers, If you’ve made any effort to attract young people to religious life, you know it is profoundly challenging work. If you’re willing to continue the work, we can help.

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Vocation Trends, Surveys, Statistics

Infographic: Who is answering the call to religious life?

🕔July 22nd, 2014 21:21

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General Vocation and discernment resources

How to use Vocation Match

🕔September 26th, 2012 19:50

This short instructional video explains how to use VISION Vocation Match to help you discern your calling.

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Order Vision Vocation Guide

🕔September 17th, 2014 13:38

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