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Friar Vito Martinez, O.F.M.Cap. shares a smile with his mother, Guadalupe Martinez, at his final vows ceremony

Religious vocation or family?

🕔23. Jul 2021

Family pressure can make it difficult to see where God is calling you and take the next step in your vocation. Wisdom and perspective to move forward.

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Question mark on a wooden block

17 questions about church vocations

🕔16. Jul 2019

VISION provides answers to your questions about priests, sisters, brothers, vows, sexuality, community life, and more.

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Tips for parents and families

FOR PARENTS: Fostering happiness, holiness, and faithfulness

🕔21. Nov 2014

Suggestions to help you in your role as your children's primary teachers about life, love, and the joys of being Catholic.


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James B. Janknegt Good Samaritan art

Help your children make wise choices

🕔21. Apr 2015

Steps for showing your children the great and good things that are within their reach.

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Rigobel Azanwi, O.F.M.Cap. takes a moment with family members after his solemn vows ceremony.

How to talk to family about your vocation

🕔18. Jul 2014

Do your family members have doubts about whether you should be a sister, brother, or priest? Here are tips for understanding and responding to them.

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Questions people may ask about your vocation . . .

🕔08. Jul 2013

. . . and some answers you can give them.

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Family matters

🕔22. Jun 2008

It’s good to get the support of your family when you choose a church vocation, but it doesn’t always happen—at least not at first.

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Nun gazing out window

How is your family taking it?

🕔11. Jun 2012

“For my parents, being happy meant getting married, having good jobs, and a nice house,” she says. “I think my mother thought that the longer I waited, the more chance Mr. Right might come along!”

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Mary finds Jesus in the Temple

How families can support their children's vocation choices

🕔31. Jan 2015

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How to create a culture of discernment

🕔13. Jan 2012

Creative ways to use VISION in your home.

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Family Movie Night

Family movie night

🕔14. Aug 2013

Film lovers, you might be surprised at the movies that have received the Vatican’s thumbs up. Read the Vatican Commission’s reviews of each film here. And then pick one to watch with your family. Popcorn required.

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

🕔30. Jul 2013

As parents, it is worth exploring your children’s answers to this question at each stage of their lives.

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