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Return of the Son, by Soichi Watanabe

Image: Return of the Son, by Soichi Watanabe

Your spiritual journey begins not when you first realize how much you love God but when you realize just how much God loves you. God has stored up an everlasting supply of tender mercy just for you. Accepting this abundant gift will give you the strength and hope you need to follow the right path toward wholeness and fulfillment.

You may then respond with confidence to the Christian call to “give consolation to every man and woman of our time,” as Pope Francis phrased it when he proclaimed 2016 to be a Holy Year of Mercy. All consolation is rooted in the warmth of God’s embrace.

Patrice J. Tuohy
Patrice J. Tuohy is executive editor of VISION Vocation Guide and publisher of TrueQuest Communications.




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