For Teachers: How to register students in VISION Vocation Match

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Two female high-school age students working on laptops. Photo by Sebastian Sikora.

We recommend that you ask your students to enter dummy email addresses in Vocation Match, but in a manner that allows us to know they are from the same class. For example:

We request this approach instead of suggesting that they enter random false addresses because it's helpful for us to know that the cluster of false addresses hitting our system is a class of students working on an assignment rather than a malicious attempt by a spammer to hack our system.

After entering a dummy email address, the user will be presented with a dialog box asking "Have you mistyped your email address?" Click the "I want to continue with an invalid address" button.

The user will then be asked to create a password. This allows them to return to their Vocation Match results for future classroom reference.

In addition, the user must complete several other fields of general information, such as country and state, for internal analytics.

We appreciate your using VISION Vocation Match to educate your students. We hope they find it to be a valuable resource. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or suggestions at




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