Modern “prodigal son” meets the brothers: Profile of Brother Ray Morris, B.H.

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Brother Ray Morris, B.H.

(Photo: Amanda Grace Photography,

Did you have a dream for your life growing up?

Like many kids, I dreamed of doing something great, something heroic. At some point though, right around college, that dream died. Instead, I became content with making a decent amount of money and just carving out a comfortable life for myself. Ironically though, once I let go of my selfish desire for a comfortable life, God has led me to do what, deep down, I've always wanted. I can confidently say that now I'm laying down my life to serve others and contributing to the most important mission of all timethe salvation of souls! 

How did you meet your community?

I met members of Brotherhood of Hope through a desk job I had at the Catholic Center while a student at Rutgers University. At that point in my life I wasn’t even going to Mass. I was searching for happiness in all the places this world tells you to look, and like the Prodigal Son, I eventually became fed up. I decided to try going back to church instead of just working at one. “If I don’t like it, I can just stop,” I told myself. About 10 years later, I’m still here!

What did your family and friends think about you becoming a brother?

My family never actively practiced our faith growing up, so they were polite but suspicious. Over time, they began to see the fruits of it in my life and in others. Now they’re pretty supportive.

What do you do for fun?

I love to read (classics especially), run, and relax with the bros!

Your favorite way to pray?

Sitting in silence and beholding my Beloved Master as he beholds me. Many times my prayer is distracted and I have a hard time even staying awake! So I really treasure those rare times when I can sit with my whole heart, mind, and soul fixed on God.




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