The importance of simply being: profile of Brother Michael Chiuri, S.M.

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What drew you to religious life?
I was fortunate enough to be successful in business but still felt that there was more to life than professional and monetary success . . . that life was not just about going after the next career or monetary goal.

Your ministry now?
I teach religion and computers to inner-city students at Mother Seton Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. Working with young students in their formative years is a blessing and an enormous responsibility.

Most fun you’ve had with your community?
There was a period while I was in novitiate when there were 18 of us from at least six different countries. It was a lot of fun getting to experience so many different cultures all under the same roof.

Favorite way to pray?
Quiet meditation outdoors. Being in creation always reminds me of the overwhelming presence of God in the ordinary and of the importance of simply being.

Best part of living in community?
The different personalities we have in community make it interesting and exciting. Knowing at the end of the day that something supernatural has drawn us together and formed us into a family that is united in mission is a powerful thing.

People would be surprised to learn . . .
I always try to do something I have never done before on my birthday. I am also a decent cook!




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